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Colorado Rapids Will Not Affiliate With USL Pro Team

Several MLS clubs will be affiliating their reserve teams with a USL Pro team following the integration of the league with MLS' reserve league. The Colorado Rapids will not be among them.

Doug Pensinger

There was some very big news out of MLS yesterday, as they announced that the MLS Reserve League would integrate in with the USL Pro, the third level of soccer in the states. With that announcement, it opened up a chance for a few teams to affiliate with USL Pro clubs and get loans in and out for players that otherwise wouldn't get much playing time.

The Colorado Rapids will not be among the teams participating in that last part. A few of the members of the Rapids front office quickly put out yesterday after the announcement that the Rapids would continue with their usual reserve team.

It makes sense that they wouldn't hook up with a USL Pro team -- the majority of them are located in the East, with the closest minor league team near us being the Real Colorado Foxes of the PDL. Perhaps if they get 'promoted' at some point to USL Pro, we'll see a partnership, but for now we'll essentially stay on the same path we were already on.

With Oscar Pareja trying to build a team where every player will be competing for the starting spots at all times with no clear Starting XI, it makes sense that we wouldn't want to send four or five players out on loans, as well.