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Edson Buddle Has Injured Right Knee

Edson Buddle was called out of the USMNT camp because of a knee injury.

Jeff Golden

Ruh roh. Edson Buddle had missed the first practices for the Colorado Rapids, and it might turn out to be an injury problem that has kept him away. (Not, as the Rapids Conspiracy Theorists have posited, because he hates the state of Colorado and all who reside in it.)

According to a US Soccer press release, Buddle has also been missing out on the USMNT training camp that he was called into because of a right knee injury, one that bothered him last season as well while he was with the LA Galaxy. If Buddle was going to get a chance at his first cap with the national team since last February, it just took a big hit.

Buddle has returned to Colorado, where Rapids team doctors will check out his knee. Hopefully he'll be all right to play by the time the season starts on March 2nd. If not, we're going to find out just how good DeShorn Brown can be right at the outset.