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The Ruben Luna Dream Dies As Quickly As It Begins

Ruben Luna has reportedly gotten another offer from a different league, and left Colorado Rapids training camp.


I'm not going to say that I was that excited at the prospect of former FC Dallas youngster Ruben Luna playing for the Colorado Rapids this season. To say that would imply that I thought he was some big piece of the puzzle that Oscar Pareja is assembling, which is not really true -- I would say he was more of a solid depth prospect that could have eventually turned into a piece of that puzzle. So nothing particularly pressing.

Still, it was a bit sad for me to read the following in today's article on about the new trialists who showed up to camp:

One player that is no longer in camp is former FC Dallas forward Ruben Luna, who informed Rapids coach Oscar Pareja that he was presented with a chance to pursue an opportunity in another league

Ah well. No other details were provided so we don't know where Luna went, but I still think that he could have been a solid option for the future. Having DeShorn Brown instead of him will keep me from losing sleep at night, of course! Hopefully they can find another guy to play that third spot in the depth chart at center forward sooner rather than later. (Perhaps Andre Akpan can be that guy? That's another story.)