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2013 MLS Supplemental Draft: Three Possible Picks For The Colorado Rapids

The MLS Supplemental Draft will happen today, here's a few guys the Rapids could pick.

George Frey

Several of the guys that I covered in my MLS Draft Possibilities series earlier didn't actually end up going in the draft, which isn't surprising. There are always guys who fall way farther or rise way higher than we expect them to in the draft. So they could easily grab one of these guys in the Supplemental Draft coming later today -- they did a similar gambit last year when they snagged Kohei Yamada, so it wouldn't be unheard of for them to try and find the talent down there.

With four rounds and a lot of flyers being taken, all three of these guys will probably be taken by the end of the proceedings, and the Rapids could probably use all three as young back-ups:

Jose Gomez, MF, Creighton: At one point, this kid was being mocked as a top 10 or even a top 5 pick in the MLS Draft, but a no-show at the College Cup and the MLS Combine smacked his stock way down. As a finesse attacker, he's been linked to the Rapids a few times and it wouldn't shock to see them pick him up.

Chris Thomas, F, Elon: Of these three guys, Thomas not going off the board in the second round of the draft surprised me the most. He led college soccer in goals last year and got in good positions in the MLS Combine even though the ball didn't go in very often. If the Rapids pick him, he can be yet another addition to the depth at center forward, something we could still certainly use.

Eric Schoenle, D, West Virginia: Schoenle suffered from a bad season in 2012, but so did the rest of the WVU soccer program. He was once in the Generation Adidas discussion last year and I would be surprised if a team looking for another young center back (oh hello!) didn't take a flyer on him.