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What Position Do You Want To See Colorado Pick In The 2013 MLS Draft?

Do you want to see a new forward or defender in Colorado after the MLS Draft?

Ned Dishman

The MLS Draft is very quickly approaching, to be held on January 17th. There's plenty of player options that will be available worth picking for the Colorado Rapids at No. 6 overall, but which position should they focus on?

We all know that the midfield is perfectly fine right now. They have a four-deep rotation at defensive midfielder and several options up in the attacking side, plus plenty of guys who can play both midfielder or the outside striker position in Oscar Pareja's 4-3-3. That leaves two big spots on the field that could probably use the rookie boost -- center-forward and defender.

There's not all that many left or right backs worth taking that high, according to most of the draftniks I've seen out there, so a center-back would probably be the most likely choice if they go defense. (With guys like Walter Zimmerman out there, there should be options as well.)

So what say you guys, do you want to see a forward or a defender in the draft? Would you prefer a midfielder like Jose Gomez? Answer in the poll below!