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Phildadelphia Union Reportedly Wanted To Trade Up For DeShorn Brown

A source reportedly told Union blog The Brotherly Game that they were trying to trade up to snag the former Reading United player.

Joe Robbins

It looks like the Colorado Rapids weren't the only ones interested in DeShorn Brown on Thursday at the 2013 MLS Draft. The big, pacy forward was picked up by Colorado at the No. 6 overall spot in the draft, adding another element to the center of the attack in their 4-3-3.

According to a report from our Philadelphia Union blog, The Brotherly Game, a source has told them that the Union had wanted very much to trade up in order to get Brown.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous because of the ongoing nature of the situation, told the Brotherly Game that Deshorn Brown was the Union's target if they were able to move up in the draft.

"The Rapids just blew up Hackworth's strategy," the source said to the Brotherly Game.

The speculation makes perfect sense, seeing as how Brown played for Reading United AC. Reading is Philly's USL PDL affiliate, and the team has gone for players from that team before.

Paul Bravo told me yesterday during a chat with him that the Rapids had also been looking at trades in that particular spot, perhaps a trade that would allow them to move up to the third or fourth overall spot in order to make sure that the guys they wanted were available. With that in mind, draft day could have been far more frantic than it actually ended up being, had all of these trades worked out!