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2013 MLS Draft: A Quick Word With Dillon Powers

I spoke to Dillon Powers briefly after he was drafted by the Colorado Rapids, asking a few questions given to me by Twitter.

Joe Robbins

Immediately after Dillon Powers was selected by the Colorado Rapids with the 11th overall pick in the 2013 MLS Draft, I got a chance to have a quick word with him. Naturally, I took the opportunity to ask my followers on the @BurgundyWave twitter account if they had any questions for our newest midfielder. The impressions I got were pretty good from the guy -- soft-spoken, good sense of humor and happy to be in Colorado. (Not that I'm implying anyone is ever displeased to be drafted, regardless of where they go!)

Unfortunately, DeShorn Brown was in a bit of a hurry when I met up with Dillon after the 11th selection, so I never got a chance to speak with him. Ah, well.


BW: What was your favorite soccer moment while playing for Notre Dame?

DP :I think winning the Big East Championship this year was really special. Especially, it was kind of a dramatic overtime game. So that was a good one.

BW: Do you know much about Colorado? Ever been to the state?

DP: I've actually never been to Colorado, no. I just think of mountains and snow, really.

BW: Add in Grizzly Bears and you've got us pegged pretty well, actually. So going to the next level, you're in MLS now. Where do you see yourself slotting in as a player in MLS?

DP: I'd like to contribute right away if I can, as a linking midfielder, you know?

BW: Do you think you'll be more of an attacker or a defender?

DP: I'd like to think I'm in between both. Sort of a box-to-box guy.

BW: OK, some Jack-in-the-box asked me to ask if you're related to Austin Powers.

DP: No, but I get that all the time. Yeah, maybe I should name my son Austin.

BW: Right now the three Rapids supporters groups are considering a merger into one big group, want to help come up with a name?

DP: Uh, I've got nothing.