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Eric Avila's Gone, Now What Of Jamie Smith?

Eric Avila is out of the picture, what is going to happen to the still unsigned Jamie Smith?

Jamie Sabau

Here's something we overlooked on Wednesday when the rights to Eric Avila were traded to Chivas USA for Nick LaBrocca: the Jamie Smith question is very much back in focus.

When Avila was picked up in the MLS Re-Entry Draft, I had him pegged as a younger, less expensive version of Jamie for the team to utilize in the future. Colorado could have used him as an every-man in the offense, sort of the way that they used Smith in a sub role last season. Unfortunately, Avila is gone -- I assume the reason his rights were traded away is because contract negotiations had broken down and neither side saw much potential for anything before pre-season started.

I had said before that I was expecting we would hear about Smith's situation right after we heard how Avila's situation was going, and I had indeed been hinted in that direction during an e-mail exchange with someone from the organization. Now, Avila is out of the picture and they have Nick LaBrocca, who doesn't quite fit the finesse midfield role that Smith always played the same way Avila did. While I called Avila a replacement for Jamie, LaBrocca could easily fit a different role in the system. (Dillon Powers being drafted might also call Jamie's spot in the team into doubt.)

That in mind, Jamie could still have a spot in the future of the team. With the secondary distraction out of the way, will we hear any news on him coming back soon?