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DeShorn Brown To Be Used As A Center Forward

The Colorado Rapids will more than likely be using DeShorn Brown as a center forward for the future.

Joe Robbins

Part of the reason that I had originally been against picking up DeShorn Brown in the MLS Draft was because I assumed that he would be used on the outside in Colorado's 4-3-3. He certainly has the pace and the skills on the ball to sit on the outside. Unfortunately, there is already something of a logjam out there, especially with Kevin Harbottle now on the team.

Consider the crow eaten by me! It turns out that the Rapids drafted him to be a center forward, and that is probably a good thing.

Brown certainly has the skills to be a particularly pacy center man. He's 6'1'', can hold the ball up as well as anyone and is able to throw defenders away, which should help him with the physicality he's going to face in the big league. He's got the talent, will he put it together for the season, and eventually usurp Edson Buddle as the everyday starter? That remains to be seen, but it's certainly going to be fun to watch.