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Kevin Harbottle Officially Signed By Colorado

22-year-old Chilean winger Kevin Harbottle was officially signed by the Colorado Rapids on Thursday.

It's almost unfortunate that we always get the news of potential signings ahead of time these days thanks to the great work by guys like Chris Bianchi -- and the fact that Tim Hinchey seems to enjoy letting people know about future moves ahead of time on twitter -- but it's still exciting to welcome a new signing to the club.

Kevin Harbottle is the newest member of the Colorado Rapids, as we figured was going to happen a while ago. The Rapids officially announced the signing on Thursday right before the start of the 2013 SuperDraft. (If this is the most exciting news of the day, they'll have been doing something wrong!)

The 22-year-old Chilean will be played as one of the outside strikers in Oscar Pareja's system, and will add a very well-rounded element to the outside from what film I've seen of him. He has decent control of the ball, solid speed and can score a golazo or two if you need him to.

The Rapids will probably need him to, so that's a good start.