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Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 33: 2013 MLS Draft Preview

On Episode 33 of the dirtiest podcast in football, we chat about the upcoming 2013 MLS SuperDraft.

The 2013 MLS SuperDraft is tomorrow, which means that it's time for a special MLS Draft edition of the Rapids Thugcast! We're going to cover a bunch of the draft including some of the trades we might see and some of the possibilities for the Rapids at all three of their draft spots on Thursday, along with some transfer madness that's been going on around MLS.

Tune in this week to hear Ben and myself chat about:

* Everything to do with the upcoming MLS Draft, including our new favorite MLS manager, El Chelis. Carlos Alvarez is going to Chivas USA, and we love the fact that he just told everyone with no care in the world.
* UZ's top six on the draft board, the guys that the Rapids will hopefully be picking up at the No. 6 spot unless they trade the pick.
* Transfer madness, including the Jaime Castrillon rumors.
* Some (now outdated) chat about the Hex possibly coming to Denver, and what we feel about the 'home field advantage' that the USMNT seems obsessed with obtaining.

Click the logo below to listen to the Thugcast: