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It's Official, The Hex Is Coming To Colorado!

The United States will play Costa Rica at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on March 22nd.


So as I said earlier, we had plenty of sources saying that the USMNT game against Costa Rica would be awarded to Dick's Sporting Goods Park, but we were waiting for the whole thing to finally be made official.

Fortunately, it became official shortly later in the day. The Hex is coming to Colorado!

The game on March 22nd will be the first appearance by the US Men's National Team in the Mile High City (or a suburb of the Mile High City, whatever) since the 2-0 win over Guatemala in 2008 that featured such incredible feats as Freddy Adu actually doing something memorable past the age of 18 14. The US is 3-1 all-time in matches played in Colorado, including a 1-0 win over Mexico back in 2002. Kick-off for this year's match is tentatively set for 8 p.m. MT.

According to Class VI's twitter, there will be a pre-sale on the tickets for season ticket holders.

By the way, the day after the USMNT game, the Rapids are going to be in Home Depot Center. If there's ever a time we're gonna get soccered out, it's probably that two day stretch. Get your drinking and screaming muscles in shape for that one!