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Sources Saying Denver To Host USMNT Hex Match

According to a few sources, Denver will be awarded the USMNT vs. Costa Rica game today.


Edit: Chris Bianchi is saying that he has it confirmed: the Hex is coming to Denver. Awesome.

After all the delays, it sounds like Denver might get a happy ending in the USMNT Qualification saga. US Soccer on twitter announced earlier that today would be the day that we would finally be getting our announcement, and it sounds promising so far. Several sources, chief among them Grant Wahl, have started to come out of the woodwork and say that Dick's Sporting Goods Park will indeed be hosting the USMNT match against Costa Rica on March 22nd.

This is pretty good news, obviously. At this point, we're still waiting for official confirmation, probably from the US Soccer twitter account itself.

Nothing is official yet, so there's no need to get excited about the preliminary sources. After all, Salt Lake has always been pretty good at pulling out bogus results at the last second. That said, once it's all said and done, it looks like we'll be celebrating in Red, White and Blue come March 22nd.