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MLS Draft Possibilities: Kekuta Manneh, Forward, Austin Aztex

Kekuta Manneh is one of the biggest mysteries of the 2013 MLS Draft. The speedy Gambian came into the draft combine with a GA contract under his belt, and he proceeded to do quite well for himself at the combine, but nobody is quite sure just how high in the draft he's going to go.

With his finishing ability and great ability to run, the 18-year-old is almost certainly a first round pick in the making, but will he go up before the Rapids can even think about picking him? Or will he suffer from a slide down the draft board the same way that highly touted GA member Enzo Martinez did last year before being picked up by Real Salt Lake?

Manneh is somewhat low on my list for the same reason that DeShorn Brown is: he's a speed option on the outside, the same sort of thing that the Rapids just picked up with the Kevin Harbottle deal nearing completion. Comparing the small amount of film of both guys, I think I like Manneh's upside a bit better, and would probably take him if all my other favorite options were off the board at No. 6.

But then, I'm not in charge of the draft board for the Rapids for a reason!