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Well, Maybe The Hex Announcement Will Be Tomorrow

Keep the faith!

Jamie Squire

The 'when the Sam Hill are we going to learn where that Hex match is going to be' saga continues! We've been waiting for quite a while at this point (you could say we've been waiting for this moment all our lives, but it's not quite right) and we got a bit of hope yesterday when Chris Bianchi tweeted that we could perhaps expect the announcement to come today.

Well, it's currently 5 p.m., and nobody except for the Rapids ever tweets news after 5 p.m., right? (Hilarious references!) I guess we're going to keep this waiting game going for a while now. Keep the faith for Dick's Sporting Goods Park to get that USMNT game against Costa Rica on March 22nd, and hopefully we'll find out... tomorrow.

(Yes, before you ask, this is indeed by method of trying to look like an idiot of tempting fate and having them release the Hex location right after I post this. Putting everything on red here, come on!)