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2013 MLS Draft Possibilities: DeShorn Brown, Forward, UCF

OK, so I still don't think that DeShorn Brown is the most likely pick for Colorado if they go for a forward.

You may recall that back when Ives mock drafted DeShorn Brown to the Rapids, I had concerns with the fact that he is a Jamaican international and would therefore use up one of our international slots. Being under a GA contract, that's probably not going to matter as much any more, but I still have one concern that makes me think he won't be going to Colorado -- the Kevin Harbottle signing (assuming it goes down) will add essentially the same sort of thing to the roster.

I'm assuming they're going to want to use their pick on someone who can contribute as much as Tony Cascio did last season, and Brown will probably get 1/3 of those minutes with all the competition at the outside striker position. More likely in my mind that they go with a guy who can play the center forward spot like Jason Johnson.

Anyway, if the Rapids do pick Brown it's not likely they'll regret the pick in the future. Brown is a very speedy forward with good finishing and a ton of upside who will probably excel on the outside in the same way we expected Omar Cummings to. It may take him a while to get used to MLS, but he has the talent to be the best striker from the lot in this year's batch. He didn't play much college ball, but he got plenty of playing time elsewhere, notably some club ball in Jamaica.

Also, he's decidedly not from Happy News.