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2013 MLS Draft Possibilities: Mikey Lopez, Midfielder, UNC

Out of all of the players we're previewing in this little series before the 2013 MLS Draft, Mikey Lopez is probably the one that I would be the most surprised to see the Rapids pick up. Lopez played in the center of midfield for the North Carolina Tarheels as he helped lead them to the 2011 National Title, but his specialty is holding midfielder.

The Rapids don't need a holding midfielder, or any generic box to box midfielder really. There is enough depth for two teams on the Rapids right now in the back, which means that Lopez would never see the field. (I assume he wouldn't be able to out-play Hendry Thomas, Jeff Larentowicz, Pablo Mastroeni and Nathan Sturgis. Shane O'Neill might be on par with him as well, who knows?) Colorado has made it pretty clear that they want to get contributors in this year's draft -- they're scouting it very, very heavily -- and a fourth string DM probably isn't top of the list with the No. 6 pick.

There are two things that might be going for him:

  • Every team above the Rapids in the draft probably are in need of a striker or defender, which could leave most of the names on the top of Colorado's draft board on other teams. That could make them decide on Lopez because of his talent, if nothing else.
  • He has a GA contract, which is always a plus if the team isn't just drafting for need.

But yeah, past those two things, it's probably quite unlikely that we'll see Lopez on the Rapids come January 17th. But then, it's the MLS SuperDraft and what do I know?