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Report: Dillon Serna To Sign With Colorado Rapids

A few sources are saying that Dillon Serna should be signed by the Colorado Rapids some time soon.

Colorado Rapids

One of the more intriguing storylines for the Colorado Rapids going into this off-season was the question of Dillon Serna. The young US international prospect had completed his first season with Akron when Caleb Porter was recruited away by the Portland Timbers, and Rapids fans immediately began to wonder if that would signal his long-awaited arrival in Colorado on a full contract. The fact that the roster was lacking in numbers after the big slew of signings made it seem even more likely.

And likely, it was. According to a report by Soccer By Ives on twitter, one that was eventually confirmed by Chris Bianchi, the Rapids should be signing Serna to a homegrown deal 'any day'.

Serna played well for Akron during his first season there despite getting his time cut short by a couple of injuries. On the Rapids, Serna will probably not see much of the field in 2013 as he continues to develop into a player capable of handling the physical play that MLS is known for dishing out. With Serna being projected as a left back at the next level, he'll need that.