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2013 MLS Draft Possibilities: Andrew Farrell, Defender, Louisville

It seems to be down to Walker Zimmerman and Andrew Farrell for the 'best defender' title in the 2013 MLS Draft. Both are center backs, though Ferrell has the added bonus of being able to slot into the midfield with little to no problem. His junior year with the Louisville Cardinals, he did just that, playing both midfield and CB interchangeably throughout the year.

Ferrell is a solid, physical defender who can also help out a bit on the offense, a perfect sort of guy for the Rapids right now at CB. He seems to be tabbed as a guy who can possibly start right away in MLS, which is something that the Rapids should be looking at if they decide to use Diego Calderon as a left back. A back line of Calderon, Drew Moor, Farrell and Marvell Wynne sounds pretty good to me.

As a GA signing, Ferrell is going to be in high demand and might not even make it far enough down the board for the Rapids to take a look at him -- many mock drafts have Ferrell going No. 1 overall to Toronto, or No. 3 overall if they go instead for a different No. 1 prospect. Man, it must be nice to have two picks in the Top 3 of the draft, eh?