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Colorado Rapids Reportedly Listening To Offers For Jaime Castrillon

The Colorado Rapids are reportedly listening to offers for Jaime Castrillon, their leading goal-scorer from 2012. Will Castrillon end up back in Colombia a'la Fredy Montero?

Brandon Wade

Jaime Castrillon, Colorado's leading scorer for the 2012 season, appears to be the latest name on the chopping block. According to a few sources including Chris Bianchi, the Rapids are listening to offers for the Colombian midfielder due to 'financial reasons'.

I would assume that 'financial reasons' refers to them wanting money for a future purchase as well as clearing salary cap space for a new player in the future. (MLS_Transfers seems hell bent on insisting Carlos Edwards, but the half-million that they would require for a transfer fee wouldn't come anywhere close to what the Rapids would save by losing Castrillon, since I assume they wouldn't be getting $500,000 for his sale.) Castrillon made $68,000 during the 2012 season, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a pay raise scheduled for the 2013 season.

There was a shakeup in the Colombian league not too long ago when the funding for the league was increased and they're reportedly looking to bring back some of the talent from their homeland. Fredy Montero was one of the bigger names brought back, loaned for a season by Millionarios with an option to buy. Castrillon could potentially join him at Millionarios.

Castrillon was a bit of an enigma in 2012, wowing some fans with his goal scoring ability and interesting style of ball but alienating others due to his lack of traditional midfield play and tendency to go invisible at times. The Rapids do have a few options to replace him if he ends up on the trading block, and a Castrillon sale could also signal the Rapids going for someone like Jose Gomez in the second round of the MLS Draft. Eric Avila in particular would be an interesting figure to see get the starts alongside Martin Rivero in the center of midfield.

It will be pretty funny if people who railed on how terrible Castrillon was during the season are the same people complaining if he leaves, though.