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What Trade Offers Could We See For Jeff Larentowicz?

Jeff Larentowicz is on the trade block, at least as far as we know. Here's a few hypothetical offers that could get the Rapids attention from around the league...

Trevor Brown

Jeff Larentowicz is, last we heard, still on the trade table, even though the Rapids are reportedly not shopping him very hard. In an earlier post, I posited that the Rapids are probably looking for a pretty good offer if they're going to off-load him, probably involving a lesser player and a draft pick.

Here's a few that I came up with that might fit that category:

FC Dallas Trades:
London Woodberry, No. 7 pick in the MLS Draft

Colorado Rapids Trade:
Jeff Larentowicz, No. 11 pick in second round of MLS Draft

This is one that Daniel Robertson of Big D Soccer brought up to me a while back. Now that Woodberry has a legitimate MLS contract instead of just being 'rights', the trade deal would be perfect for the Rapids as they continue to look for defensive depth and draft picks. Woodberry no longer just being a 'rights' player also means that Dallas could be looking for more than just Larentowicz, so they can have the No. 11 pick in the second round as well. Player and pick for player and pick sounds like a deal to me.

Chivas USA Trades:
Casey Townsend, No. 2 pick in the MLS Draft
Colorado Rapids Trade:
Jeff Larentowicz, Allocation $, 2013 International slot

I already said a while back how much I loved Townsend as a project forward, and the Rapids would end up with two of the top six picks in the draft with this deal. Chivas needs help in just about every area so a player like Larentowicz couldn't hurt their chances, and they will probably be looking to stockpile international slots and allocation money for use by their new regime.

Toronto FC Trades:
Jeremy Hall, No. 1 pick in the MLS Draft
Colorado Rapids Trade:
Jeff Larentowicz, Allocation $

Toronto FC need defensive presence on the field, and the dried up husk of Danny Califf probably isn't going to do the trick on its own. From what we've been told, the Reds are actively shopping both of their picks at the top of the draft, and Larentowicz plus some allocation money could do the trick. Throw in Hall to add to Colorado's depth at right back and you've got a solid deal on our side. Knowing Toronto, you could probably get the No. 1 and No. 3 picks from them by adding in some more allocation money, but we're being nice here.

Vancouver Whitecaps Trade:
Jordan Harvey, No. 5 and No. 10 picks in MLS Draft
Colorado Rapids Trade:
Jeff Larentowicz, No. 6 pick in MLS Draft,
Allocation $

This is just an interesting one that could work out in theory, but would probably never happen. In this scenario, Colorado ends up with both of Vancouver's first round selections but gives up their own, allowing them to move up a spot in the order. In addition to the pick swaps, the Rapids and 'Caps swap Jordan Harvey and Jeff Larentowicz, with the Rapids shipping over some cash as well. (The original draft of this had the allocation money going to Colorado and Harvey not being involved, but the more convoluted the better, I always say!)


That's four that I came up with, but there are probably a near infinite number of different Jeff Larentowicz trade scenarios that could be created out there. Do you guys have any ideas for a possible trade that could net the Rapids a player and a draft pick for the Ginger Ninja? (Or whatever else you happen to think he's worth, of course.)

Let us know in the comments!