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Starting XI Update

Another look at what our starting XI might be if the season started tomorrow.

Mike Stobe

So, there have been even more moves since the last time we did a Starting XI update. Omar Cummings is out of the picture now, while the Rapids have picked up guys like Diego Calderon and (from what we've heard) Kevin Harbottle along with a few new faces acquired in trades and drafts.

Looking at the roster down there, it's far improved from that first Starting XI Update I did in mid-December. The bench is immensely improved -- there's enough depth to keep guys like Nathan Sturgis completely off of it, and it was a struggle to figure out whether or not to stick Pablo Mastroeni on there -- as has the defense as a whole with Calderon in the mix. There were zero changes in the midfield, and I think we're going to see the Castrillon - Thomas - Rivero triangle no matter who gets picked up later on, that core is probably the strongest part of the team.

Take a gander at my line-up here:

Tony Cascio - Edson Buddle - Kevin Harbottle

Jaime Castrillon - Martin Rivero

Hendry Thomas

Anthony Wallace - Diego Calderon - Drew Moor - Marvell Wynne

Matt Pickens

BENCH: Steward Ceus, Chris Klute, Brian Mullan, Jeff Larentowicz, Pablo Mastroeni, Eric Avila, Kamani Hill

I think that this line-up is far superior to the one that the Rapids opened last season with against the Crew, a testament to just how much work they have done with the roster this off-season. We still have the SuperDraft to get us a few new talents, and I'm sure that Oscar Pareja is going to want to use that last international spot left after Harbottle gets signed eventually.

What does your Starting XI and bench look like with the current roster?