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2013 MLS Draft Possibilities: Jason Johnson, Forward, VCU

VCU forward Jason Johnson getting a Generation Adidas contract could put him pretty high on a lot of team draft board, and perhaps put him in the discussion for the Colorado Rapids at No. 6 overall.

Colorado could certainly use someone with his skill-set -- he seems like the type of forward who could play both on the outside and as Edson Buddle's back-up in the center forward spot.

He's big enough to hold off people, he can pass the ball, he can pick up loose balls in the midfield, he's solid off the ball and his finishing certainly isn't bad. Johnson put in 13 goals and tacked on six assists his senior year for the Rams, and those are the sorts of numbers that I'm sure we would all love to see from whoever our center forward of the future happens to be. Here, have a video!

The biggest problem with Jason Johnson's draft stock is the fact that he is a Jamaican International, which means he will take up an international slot on whatever team he ends up with. Why is that an issue? Teams the past few years have been very reluctant to draft international players, so there's reason to be concerned that he will perhaps fall to the Supplemental rounds. (Remember when Ashley McInnes, Dan Keat and Michael Boxall were first round prospects in 2011? Or Kohei Yamada in 2012?) Fortunately for him, having a Generation Adidas deal will probably kill any of that stigma off pretty damn quickly.

Though, the guy is apparently from a town in Jamaica called 'Happy News'. How could you say no to that?