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Matt Pickens Wins Save Of The Week

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Help! The bowels of the Earth have opened up from below, revealing the demons of hades to us! Pigs are flying and dogs are talking! Brother is fighting against brother, sister is fighting against sister! Fire has spread across the land, what ungodly event could have caused such a-

Oh, a Rapids player won Save/Goal of the week? Well the apocalypse might actually be coming, then. Better get your boots.

Seriously though, congratulations to Matt Pickens for becoming the first Rapids player to win either of those two awards since Omar Cummings got Goal of the Week honors back in 2010 for his golazo against the New York Red Bulls. The save that Pickens made on that shot was Save of the Year material, it's good to see him getting the recognition he deserves for that one instead of being sucked into the popularity contest that these always turn into..

(He still would have lost had a Sounders or Timbers player been up for it, though.)