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United States vs. Jamaica: Play Omar Cummings, Reggae Boyz!

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Going into tonight's match against Jamaica for the United States, there are plenty of players missing from the USMNT roster that could pose a problem. Of course, the expected result is going to be a draw -- no other result has ever come for the United States while playing against the Reggae Boyz in Jamaica -- but it would still be nice to see a full roster out there including Landon Donovan and Michael Bradley.

More than those guys being out though, I'm interested to see if Omar Cummings will make his way into Jamaica's starting lineup. His drop in league form since 2010 has not just affected his time with the Rapids -- it has kept him out of the Reggae Boyz as well.

In fact, the last meaningful goal that Cummings put in for his home country was way back in the 2010 Caribbean Championship.That goal was on December 5th 2010, right after his torrent of goals to end the MLS Cup winning drive for the Rapids. He was still in that superb form then and hasn't found it since.

As a United States supporter, I would be glad to see the 2012 version of Cummings on the pitch, especially if he's going to act as their No. 9 as he did two years ago during most of his appearances. Considering the injuries that the Yanks are currently dealing with, any advantages I can see, I'd take.

Of course, now that I posted this, watch him score a hat trick.