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Matt Pickens Up For Custom EA FIFA 2013 Cover Vote

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The winner of the MLS 24-under-24 competition will be appearing on the special custom MLS version of EA's FIFA 2013, but there will apparently be three other players joining him.

They're holding a contest over here to see which MLS players will be on the cover as well, with one representative selected for each team. Matt Pickens is the lucky player for the Rapids, and probably also the player with the best chance of winning from Colorado. (Glad they chose him instead of, say, Conor Casey.) You can vote for him over here, get him some recognition for the monster season he has been having. Both Tony Cascio and Martin Rivero also have incredibly outside chances to get in, if one of them somehow wins the 24-under-24 contest. (They won't.)

It's also a bit funny, if you look at the little silhouette thing they have going on the page, you can clearly see two guys in Rapids jerseys are on there. It looks to me like Pablo Mastroeni and Omar Cummings, two guys who probably wouldn't get that many votes if put on there since one hasn't played all year and the other, well, we just wish hadn't played all year.