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Argus Security Again Filled With Jerks, To The Surprise Of Nobody

My face when security started throwing people out
My face when security started throwing people out

Yep, it's our seemingly bi-monthly post on how bad Argus security is. If you're unaware, they're the clowns who patrol the Supporters Terrace and seem to enjoy throwing random people out for no reason en masse once or twice every few months.

They're also the geniuses who decided that we couldn't say the phrase 'Dick's Sporting Goods Park' while we were inside of Dick's Sporting Goods Park, because it contained the word 'Dicks' in it. I always wish I was joking when I tell that story. Well last night's game against the Timbers was yet another fine display, with ejections left and right on a night where the crowd was one of the more subdued crowds we've had all season.

Honestly, I don't know if there's anything more I can say on the matter. Here's some angry Rapids fans on twitter, instead!

The section that has the fact that it's for adults branded on the back of the ticket is banning any and all words that are considered even remotely bad. Argus is pretty much MLS from 2001 given human flesh, protecting the soccer moms at all cost! If they were a sports commissioner, they would be Roger Goodell. No fun allowed.

Really, there's nothing else to do except continue to complain about it -- even more than the fact that the team is terrible this year, the ever-growing security and ever-widening list of things they will throw you out for is starting to drive fans away from the best supporters section in the park.

I don't find that acceptable. Does it seem like I post about this too often on here? That's the reason why. (I fully expect to get mysteriously 'Yellow Carded' for this next game.)