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Why Hello There, Shane O'Neill!

"Get in there, Shane!"
"Get in there, Shane!"

What's been the mantra for the past, oh, let's say, month or so? 'Oscar Pareja, start playing the youth!'

It took him a while, but it appears that he's finally decided to do so, considering some of the names that we saw against the Portland Timbers on Wednesday during the 3-0 win. Not only did starts come for Andre Akpan and Tony Cascio, but Shane O'Neill became the first ever Rapids homegrown player to get minutes in a regular season game for the team when he came in for the final few minutes of the game.

O'Neill didn't do too badly either, with the only touches he had on the ball resulting in seven completed passes. Those are fine numbers to start out with, especially in a midfield that has proven that it plays better when the passing is at its best. (Hendry Thomas, anyone?)

Hopefully this is the start of a string of games where O'Neill and perhaps also Davy Armstrong get some time. Who knows, maybe that will be the thing to push the Rapids into the playoff discussion again hahaha no.