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Quote From Dougie Freedman On Damien Delaney

Rich Cawley, who broke the news that center back Damien Delany of Crystal Palace could be moving to Major League Soccer in January, posted a story on the South London Press website late on Thursday. The Eagles haven't lost a game since they picked Delaney up on a short contract and Dougie Freedman noted that in the story, saying that he's doing everything he can to keep Delaney in south London:

"I’d like to think that the way we’re playing and performing - and being in such a professional environment - might just change his mind. I’m working on that!"

Honestly, I'm torn on whether or not I'd enjoy a move from Palace to the Rapids for Delany. That might be because Palace is actually doing well right now since picking him up earlier in the season and I like to have at least one team that isn't actively terrible at the same time.