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Playoff Picture Could End For Colorado With A Sunday Loss

Let's all be honest here, the Rapids have been out of the playoff picture for about two weeks now. That loss to the LA Galaxy at the Home Depot Center was the death blow, and the 2-2 draw with Vancouver pretty much sealed it. At this point, the only way that Colorado could make the playoffs would be to win out while every other team lost out, essentially.

The whole 'not eliminated yet!' farce will end on Sunday if Colorado loses to the Galaxy and the Whitecaps get a win against Seattle. (Does this mean we have to root for Seattle? I'm not rooting for Seattle.)

I'm not expecting a win against a fully loaded LA team that has historically done quite well at DSGP and is on a hell of a hot streak, but perhaps they can delay the inevitable one more week with a shock win. Of course, Vancouver needs to win as well and that's been a shaky prediction to make the past few weeks. Maybe they'll ruin it and keep the Rapids alive, still, somehow, in the playoff race. (On the bright side, we get to hear the Altitude announcers telling us all about how they're 'still in the hunt' for the next week in that case! Blech.)

Hat tip to WV Hooligan for laying out the scenarios.