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MLS Podcast, Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 28: That Game Was More 2011 Than An Actual Game From 2011

Episode 28 of the dirtiest podcast in football covers the dirtiest Rapids game in quite some time, the 40 foul spectacular against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Discussion on Gary Smith at Stevenage and Humberto Suazo follows!

That Vancouver game was probably more of a Gary Smith style soccer game than any soccer game that Gary Smith has actually coached. 40 fouls, four goals all caused by shit defending and Tyrone Marshall tearing m-fers down. That game dominates the discussion on this week's Rapids Thugcast.

Highlights from this week's show include:

* That Vancouver game and the various parts of the team that made it into a thugfest
* Anthony Wallace finally returning to action on the training field after being knocked out for the entire season, and why his return could be what we've been waiting for defensively come 2013
* Gary Smith not particularly being inclined to pick up any of his former players... except Miguel Comminges?!
* The first of many discussions Ben and I will probably have about our favorite DP candidate, Humberto Suazo
* A preview for the LA game as well as the one mitigating factor that will guarantee the Rapids a win. (By the way, turns out that the Miracle at Metapan was actually the day before my birthday. Adjust your bets accordingly.)

Click on the Thugcast logo down there to listen to this week's Thugcast.