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Anthony Wallace Returns To Training For Colorado

Anthony Wallace has started doing full training sessions with the Rapids again after a torn Achilles Tendon ended his season before it began.

Jim McIsaac - Getty Images

Hey, you know who we haven't talked a lot about this season? Anthony Wallace. The poor guy was knocked out of the season before the season even started when he tore his Achilles Tendon during a training session in March.

We've gotten some good news on that front: it looks like Wallace is fully training with the team. He probably won't be returning at any point this season -- why risk his health like that in a year with no playoff run? -- but the fact that he's been able to recover is good stuff. Chris Bianchi broke the news:

For all the complaints about the bad defense this season, we seem to forget that we have a very promising young fullback on the team already who has shown some great defensive ability. If Wallace is healthy next season, I have no doubts that he has the talent to crack the Starting XI at left back when the team needs more defense than offense from the spot.

Wouldn't hurt the Palguta depth meter either.