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David Beckham Could Return Against Colorado

LA Galaxy star David Beckham could make his return from injury against the Colorado Rapids on Sunday. Then again, this is David Beckham in Colorado we're talking about, so probably not.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Last time the Colorado Rapids played the LA Galaxy, the big story was that Landon Donovan would be returning to the champions after a month long injury. He did indeed return and made Colorado pay as he usually does, slotting a great pass through to Robbie Keane on the first goal of the match.

Well, guess who might be back for the rematch two weeks later? Our old pal David Beckham has started practicing again following a sprained ankle he suffered at the start of September. Of course, in's article about it they had to ask Bruce Arena if he was going to be ready to play at Colorado on Sunday.

The hope is he will be ready for the Rapids, right?

"We'll see," (Arena) said. "Just going to take it day-to-day right now."

Don't be vague, Bruce. He's not going to play and you know it. This is Colorado and he's David Beckham. He only played last time they were here after trying to butt out literally at the last second with reported 'back spasms', the same condition that he always miraculously seems to come down with when he's at altitude.

Then again, he proved us wrong last time. History is still leaning pretty heavily on the 'no Beckham' side of things, though.