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Crystal Palace Defender Damien Delaney Could Be Headed To MLS

Damien Delaney, currently of Crystal Palace in England, may be headed to MLS in January if Dougie Freedman can't convince him to stick around.

Jamie McDonald - Getty Images

I'm not particularly hooked into the top levels of the European sporting scene, (Robin Van whosie?) but that's mostly because I follow a team that has been in the second division of English football for quite a few years now. Listening in to Crystal Palace news proved fruitful in MLS territory for the first time ever on Tuesday.

Rich Cawley of the South London Press hinted that 31-year old Palace defender Damien Delaney may be on the move to Major League Soccer on twitter.

In a later tweet, he told me that he did indeed mean that he was talking about a move to MLS, though he didn't know which team was possibly involved.

Well, I happen to know a team that is looking for a solid center back.

Delaney is a veteran of English football, playing hundreds of appearances for Hull, QPR and Ipswich before his latest move to Palace on a short contract. If he was to move, it would be in January which would be the perfect time for the Rapids to pick him up. Dougie Freedman has proven a tough guy when it comes to negotiating with players though, so don't be surprised if this rumor dies before it can even begin to sprout.

I certainly wouldn't complain if he made his way to MLS to shore up the Rapids defense come draft-time.