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Quick Poll: Who's Worse, MLS Or NFL Referees?

Would you prefer to have your random sporting event refereed by MLS refs or NFL replacement refs?

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Even if you don't watch the handegg variety of football, you probably heard of the wonderful mayhem that ensued on Monday Night Football last night. Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks threw the world's first ever game winning interception as the Green Bay Packers watched in bewilderment. Check it out on our Mother Page if you somehow missed the chaos unfolding last night.

It looks like the NFL made a big mistake putting in those replacement refs in place of the regular ones, as they have done a terrible job so far. Teams have been given extra time outs when they shouldn't have, I don't think a single 'contact after five yards' call has happened in any game yet, and then there was the Packers debacle. Are these guys the worst, or what?

Well, we've joked before that MLS might have the worst referees in the entire world of sports. It appears that they have some competition now, so let's get a little friendly vote going.

So let's say you have a generic sporting event going on, and the only two referee teams you can pick to officiate are a team of MLS referees and a team of NFL Scabs. Which one would you rather have?