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SB Nation United: Keep An Eye Out, It's Coming Soon...

New Logo
New Logo

Hey, remember when I showed off that snazzy new logo that we're getting? Well, turns out there's a lot more to it than that. SB Nation United is coming, and it's essentially a complete redesign of everything on Burgundy Wave and the rest of the SBN Network.

Check after the jump for some snazzy screenshots and more...

There will be some big changes abound, though our content will remain the same as it ever was. There may be a bit of confusion when you first see what's changed, but I assure you that it will make navigating the content here and around the network much easier. (Anyone who visits the regional sites knows about StoryStreams. We got us some of those now around here!)

Here are the three biggest changes to the network, in fine bullet point form. I stole the bullet points from The Bent Musket, who stole it from Our Daily Bears. See? We're sharing already around here!

  • Faster loading times: The "clutter" that eats up much of the site will be going away and the platform itself will load much quicker than it does today. No more worries about memory being eaten up by an SBN site.
  • Flexible layout and modern design: Each site is going to have more individuality than it does today simply because of the flexibility we have on how to present our content, and the increased number of tools at our disposal to better accomplish our goals.
  • An adaptive experience, no matter what the device: SB Nation will run on an "adaptive" platform, presenting a seamless experience no matter what device you are viewing the website on. Desktops, laptops, tablets and phones; no matter where you might be, your experience will not change.

Here, have a screenshot:


This is what's called the Cover, courtesy of our Ohio State blog. It will keep us from having to use reverse chronological order anymore, and let us pin stories to the top of the site that are of importance. If there's a game on the weekend, you can expect a stream containing everything on this site related to that game will be stuck in the Cover.

So yeah, this is all happening, and it might be happening sooner than you think. Prepare!