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Vancouver Whitecaps 2 Colorado Rapids 2 - lol

The Colorado Rapids lost again to the Van- what's that? AHAHAHA

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Let's do a quick, impromptu poll here. When Omar Cummings scored his first goal in what seemed like many, many years, what was your reaction?

A. "The Rapids are gonna win this one!"
B. "OK, let's get a second."
C. "How are they gonna blow this one?"

If you said 'A', you're either a liar or a Dallas fan watching the game and really hoping for a Whitecaps loss. If you said 'B', you were optimistic but not completely out of line. If you said C, you're probably me. Or anyone who watched the other couple of games that the Rapids played against the Whitecaps this season.

It looked good at the start, but Martin Renne went all in at halftime when he subbed in Kenny Miller, which turned out to be a good move on his part. Miller ended up scoring the game winner after Alain Rochat put one away after being unmarked by Conor Casey on a set piece aftermath. Ironically, that goal was the biggest effect that the Casey/Cummings duo had on the game, as Cummings didn't do too much to keep the ball from going into the box in the first place.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Martin Rivero did well keeping the ball for himself and probably should have scored on the powerful shot that ended up turning into Cummings' goal.

GOAT OF THE MATCH: Tyrone Marshall is not good at the soccers. Marvell Wynne didn't have a great game either, but he did all right at covering Darren Mattocks through most of the first half.