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Colorado Rapids vs. Vancouver Whitecaps - Game Preview

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Oh boy, here we go again.

If there were two games that have summed up the Colorado Rapids 2012 season better than any other two, it has been the pair of 1-0 losses against the Vancouver Whitecaps earlier in the year. Both games featured some fantastic production from the offense, except for that whole 'goals' thing. Both games featured moderately good to solid defending from the back four, until one awful error blew it wide open.

Yeah, we're not really looking forward to this game. Unfortunately, speedster Darren Mattocks was not lost in one of the many roster moves for the Caps since last we met, and he's fresh off being named the top young player in the country by MLS. You may remember him shredding Kosuke Kimura to pieces in the first loss at BC Place and then doing essentially the same thing to the whole back four in the July 4th loss.

Hendry Thomas being on the Rapids should help out their chances, as his ball-winning and possessing abilities in the midfield should keep the ball away from Mattocks. That's really what it comes down to, isn't it? This looks like another likely loss for Colorado -- on the road, against a team that has had their number, etc. etc.

If the Rapids aren't going to pull out an unlikely win in this one, let's at least hope it's not nearly as awful as the last two times. Really, this season that's all we can ask for.