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Poll of the Week: Hendry Thomas Knee Jerk Reaction!

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So while the Colorado Rapids' recent 0-1 loss against the Portland Timbers was a disappointing "more of the same", we finally got to see Hendry Thomas get some field time - and start, no less! Thomas, who the Rapids picked up from Wigan in the English Premier League a few weeks back, was in the starting lineup and got to see a full 90 minutes of playing time, in the position of defensive midfielder.

And what a great 90 minutes that was! Thomas had 65 successful passes to only four unsuccessful passes, most of which came from inside the defensive third, a spot that the Rapids have been weak at in the turnover department all season. Be sure to check out the MLS Chalkboard stats on Thomas and his distribution.

His energetic first game with the Rapids was definitely a great start for Thomas, and we look forward to hopefully seeing more gameplay from him in the upcoming game against the Timbers (again!) on Wednesday. We're big on knee jerk reactions around here, so based solely on seeing Hendry Thomas perform in last Friday's game, do you want to see Hendry Thomas stick around with the Rapids next year?