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At This Point, Just Start Chris Klute

This is the alternative.
This is the alternative.

When the Rapids signed up former Atlanta Silverbacks youngster Chris Klute on a loan right before the roster freeze, it was a pretty obvious signing for the future. Sure, the kid had a decent career with the lower levels of the United States system but he probably isn't ready for MLS prime-time no matter how good he looked for one of the worst teams in the second division.

Then again, did you guys see Tyrone Marshall against the LA Galaxy? Or hell, did you guys see Tyrone Marshall at all this season? He's old, he's slow and if he doesn't retire at the end of this season I will be half surprised and half disappointed. Klute is the new hotness, why not get him the starts where Marshall was getting time before? He's got the speed that Tyrone lacks and even if he's not the next Eddie Pope, I'm sure his marking can't be much worse than Marshall's preferred style of 'grab guy from behind, throw him down'.

Should Klute get a start against the Vancouver Whitecaps so soon after joining the team, even in a position where he's not the most seasoned? (I'm talking starting the kid at center back here.) Considering the lack of options elsewhere in the defense if Drew Moor is playing right or left back, I'm going to say yes. Who knows, we might find that we have a hidden gem of the US system on our hands -- the anti-Palguta, if you will.

What do you think, start Klute or sit the kid until next year?