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Tactical Decision Of The Game: Conor Casey And Omar Cummings Or The New Guard?

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Part of the mythos of the 2010 season was the Conor Casey/Omar Cummings pairing. In fact, it may have been the biggest part of it, so big that even two years later we're clamoring to see the two of them together whenever possible just in the hopes that we can see some of that old magic again. Well, both of them are on the injury report for tonight's game as 'Probable', which usually means that they're good to play if needed for at least 60 minutes.

But wait, Oscar Pareja has a big decision to make on this one.

After Andre Akpan and Tony Cascio tore it up against the Portland Timbers in a way that we haven't seen a striker pairing do since... well, 2010, he might be better served going with the new guard over the old guard. Other than a couple of magical bits, there hasn't been much to speak of from Casey/Cummings -- in a combined 37 appearances, the two of them have a combined 10 points, seven goals and three assists.

Personally, I wouldn't call a duo that's putting up less than a point every three games the best striker pairing in the league anymore. That's on a combined 84 shots as well! What I'm getting at is that playing those two just because of their names isn't working out this year. Perhaps it's time for the new hotness?

This might be the biggest tactical decision of the game, because the Rapids are gonna need goals if they want to get out of LA with anything. If Oscar Pareja goes with his favored free-flowing 4-4-2 formation that he has used recently, what are we going to see up top? Casey and Cummings? Akpan and Cascio? What say you guys?

* This has been UZ's attempt to bait Casey and Cummings into scoring a brace each tonight.