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MLS Podcast, Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 26: Portland x2 Edition!

We've had two games against the Portland Timbers since last we Thugged it up, so this episode is chock full of Portland talk. Ben and I chat for a good hour about those two games and, of course, newly traded former Rapid Wells Thompson.

Tune in this week to hear us talk about, among other things...

* Portland's 1-0 win and Colorado's 3-0 win immediately after, including Kosuke Kimura's mundane performance and Hendry Thomas' brilliance early in his Rapids career
* Wells Thompson's trade to the Chicago Fire
* The seeming rift that has formed within the Rapids fanbase during this incredibly down season, or as Ben calls it, the 'toxic fan culture' that has emerged. We touch on why it might be partially the front office's fault for not tampering expectations
* Colorado's upcoming game against the LA Galaxy, the game that Landon Donovan is likely to return from a month long injury. Ben and I both predict that the Rapids will lose the game, for some strange reason

Click on the Thugcast logo below to listen to this week's Thuggery: