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A View From The South Stands: A Tree Falls In The Woods.....

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If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it; does it make a sound? That age old question is one that Rapids fans and the front office need to think about after this season is over. Or more accurately if the Rapids make the playoffs, but have the most losses since their inaugural season; is the season still a success?

As things now stand the Rapids are eight points out of the final playoff spot with six games left in the season. Three of those games are against teams directly in front of the Rapids and with a good showing in these games this team could actually make the playoffs. That notwithstanding; the Rapids are also just one loss away from tying the record for the most losses since their first season.

So the question remains; if they make the playoffs and still lose one more game in the process, can we truly call this season a success?

Maybe it’s too early to start looking at what might be a success in this season and what might not be, but I’m going to give it a try. There have been some additions to the team this year: Martin Rivero has been one of the biggest bright spots for the Rapids. Along with Tony Cascio and Kamani Hill the Rapids are on a trend to getting younger. Now whether or not we can consider the talents of these three players and the additions they have brought to this team a success remains to be seen, but from what they have shown so far has been fantastic.

The failures of this team have been quite evident though. The defenses lack of depth and lack of ability to hold on to lead; along with the teams inability to finish chances (being shut out in seven of their seventeen losses), have led directly to a near record number of losses for the club.

So whether or not the club makes the playoffs determining what success looks like for the club this year will depend on if you think the youth movement the Rapids have started will work or not.

So what would your definition of success be for the Rapids this season? Can you truly find anything to call a success in this season?