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Landon Donovan Likely To Play Against Colorado On Friday

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Landon Donovan missed almost a full month after suffering a hamstring injury on August 15th, missing games for both his club and his country in that span. It looks like he will be returning to action against the Colorado Rapids when the Galaxy host them on Friday at Home Depot Center.

Landon said he was tired during a reserve match return, but that he would be ready by Friday in this article by

"It's a fine line between it being ready enough to play on and not hurting it anymore," Donovan said. "Right now it's just ready enough to start working on, and now we've got to be careful with it and get ready for Friday."

Could he go 90 minutes?

"That's always dictated by a game," he said, "but playing as a forward is a little easier than if you're in the midfield doing a lot of doggy work. So I should be fine."

Landycakes was the only Galaxy player to score a goal in the Galaxy's 2-1 win over Colorado early on in the season. (Marvell Wynne scored the other one, you see.)