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Finally! A Press Release on the Thompson Trade!

FOXBORO, MA - APRIL 24:  Wells Thompson #15 tells the Revs what they can do with this job. Everyone breaks into jazz dance.
FOXBORO, MA - APRIL 24: Wells Thompson #15 tells the Revs what they can do with this job. Everyone breaks into jazz dance.

We finally got a press release, ladies and gentlemen!

So at least now we can at least say we have the official story. We at Burgundy Wave will be following up with the Chicago Fire people to see what Wells' first few days at Chicago are like, and maybe we'll have a story or two on the player.

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (Monday, September 10, 2012) – The Colorado Rapids announced on Monday that the team has traded midfielder Wells Thompson to the Chicago Fire, in exchange for a conditional draft pick. Thompson, 28, had appeared in 17 matches for the Rapids in 2012 (5 starts), notching one assist. Per team and league policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"My heart overflows with gratitude, joy and peace when I reflect on my time in Colorado,” said Thompson. “Saying it’s been a privilege to represent the Rapids on and off the field is an understatement. My love and gratitude for the team, the fans, Kroenke Sports, everyone involved from the top to bottom of the organization, my wife, my parents and the Lord is overwhelming.”

“Wells is a player who gives everything he has both on and off the field,” said Rapids Technical Director Paul Bravo. “He’s talented and tenacious, and was an important part of our team in the championship run in 2010. We wish him the very best with Chicago.”

So the Rapids did get a conditional draft pick, though the "conditions", as of press time (we'll try to get that cleared up later) aren't apparently clear to anyone but those involved. This looks like a win situation for Thompson, who's spot in the midfield was most likely lost with the revelation of Hendry Thomas as a midfield turnover and distribution engine.

Wells seems to be in good spirits about the trade, the club also seems to think this was a good deal for the player and I am inclined to agree. I think that anything for Wells would have been good. Personally, I'm not OK with letting players go for nothing unless it's an absolute last resort.

UZ and I had picked Wells as a possibility for setting off for another team in the beginning of the season. We saw the midfield becoming one of the more competitive places to be on Pareja's Rapids, and now it appears we were right. We at Burgundy Wave of course wish Wells all the best in his future with Chicago.