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Wells Thompson Trade: It's Like, As Officially Official As Official Can Get Without Actually Being Official

OK, this is the last one of these, I swear. The Rapids still haven't come out with anything indicating that the team has traded Wells Thompson to the Chicago Fire, but we were told about it yesterday by Luis Zapata, whether he meant to spill the beans or not. Then, we got a picture of Wells holding a Fire shirt on Facebook while telling us he was now a member of the Fire. And then a tweet, he also made a tweet.

Anyway, Tim Hinchey has pretty much said it's MLS' fault that we haven't seen any progress in the 'official' waters yet. Get on it, MLS! I need these confirmations to sleep at night!

I think at this point, we can start to assume that it's not the most impecably played practical joke of all time by Thompson, Zapata and Hinchey. Maybe.