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Wells Thompson 'Officially' Joins Chicago Fire

Switch up that jersey, Wells!
Switch up that jersey, Wells!

I say 'officially' because the Colorado Rapids have not actually announced anything regarding the trade, but it's been pretty much an open secret since Luis Zapata spilled the beans on twitter.

Wells Thompson has sent out a picture on his Facebook page that would seem to indicate that he is indeed an official member of the Chicago Fire now, along with this statement:

"My heart overflows with gratitude, joy and peace when I reflect on my time in Colorado. Saying it's been a privilege to represent the Rapids on and off the field is an understatement.

My love for the team, the fans, Kroenke Sports, everyone involved from the top to bottom of the organization, my wife, my parents and the Lord is overwhelming. My cup runneth over. Thanks for the support, the encouragement, the prayers and the love y'all! I'm pumped to keep running this race the Lord's blessing me with."

No word is out on what the Rapids received for sending Thompson to the Fire, but it's not likely to be much. I'm assuming the return will be something like the Kimura trade. In that, they received allocation money and an extra international slot. This time perhaps they can finagle a draft pick out of the deal?

Or it's all going to turn out to be a big practical joke that Wells and Zapata have been playing on us all along, those scamps!