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Jaime Castrillon (Somehow) Nominated For Goal Of The Week

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Well, that was unexpected. Jaime Castrillon's goal during the 3-0 thrashing that the Colorado Rapids put on the Portland Timbers last Wednesday was certainly a nice one. He got a great leap over Kosuke Kimura and his header was as snap-down as a snap-down header could be, slipping through Donovan Ricketts. It might even have been Castrillon's best looking goal of the season!

I certainly didn't expect it to get a goal of the week nomination, but here we are with Castrillon on this week's list. Heck, I didn't even think it was the best goal of that game, with Tony Cascio's second chance volley more inspiring to my eye.

Whatever, go vote for Jaime over here at the Goal Of The Week page so we can get our second such award in two weeks for the Rapids! (Eddie Johnson has a goal in the nomination pool though, so something tells me we're probably not going to see Castrillon take home the prize this time around.)