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Luis Zapata Indicates Wells Thompson Headed To Chicago Fire

Will this be the last time I get to use my favorite picture of Wells?
Will this be the last time I get to use my favorite picture of Wells?

Yesterday, several different sources linked Wells Thompson to a move away from the Colorado Rapids. Wells was apparently disappointed with the lack of starting time he was receiving in Oscar Pareja's system, and the situation was likely made worse when Hendry Thomas was brought in to solidify the holding midfielder role that Wells had been sharing time at with Joseph Nane.

No official word was released on where Thompson would be going, or even if he was going after all. He wasn't at the Season Ticket Holder's party on Sunday, which would seem to lend credence to the rumor. We might know where he's going, as well -- if Luis Zapata is to be believed, Wells is headed to the Chicago Fire. Luis tweeted about it after being asked by a fan. He was the original player to break the news as well, when he tweeted a goodbye to Wells earlier.

Roughly translated, that tweet means 'He went to the Chicago Fire'. There has still been no official word from the Rapids on the matter, but it looks very likely that Wells will be with the Fire very soon, if he's not there already. (Luis' tweet seems to indicate he's there already.)