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MLS Podcast, Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 23: We Won A Game Edition!

We won a game! We won a game! It was against RSL too, that was fun. Fortunately, the Rapids Thugcast is here again to provide our commentary on just how terrible everything was in July and why it may be better looking forward -- I mean it could hardly get worse, right?

This week on the Thugcast, Ben and I chat about:

* The wonders of winning the Real Salt Lake match and whether or not this is finally the time that the Rapids have 'turned a corner'
* General around MLS banter, including lots of hilarity involving Timbers DP Kris '7 plays in a game' Boyd
* This weekend's match against FC Dallas and what we can expect from Colorado

We won't be around next week -- or will we! -- because I'll be on vacation in the midwest so I won't be able to record one of these. That is of course unless Ben and myself get together while wasted in Minnesota and record a terrible, drunk, live Thugcast.

We all pray that won't happen, I know.

Click the pic below to hear this weeks Thugcast, or check out our page on iTunes!